Who are IMSTec?

IMSTec is a German based engineering company with a subsidiary, IMSTec Ireland, based in Kinsale, Cork. With its founding roots in IBM automation engineering, IMSTec offers integrated and innovative manufacturing solutions for the medical device, bio-pharma and pharma sectors in both Germany and Ireland. IMSTec would differ to other automation equipment providers in that they offer a unique technically and financially risk mitigated end to end solution path for its customers. It is this risk mitigation approach that actually allow IMSTec to deliver automated solutions over a wide spectrum of technologies especially in the more technologically challenging areas where a product or process was not designed for automation.

IMSTec succeed in these wide ranging areas in three ways:

Our business processes are designed and structured to minimise risk throughout the entire process from the very early concept stage of a new product or process all the through to the final up and running automated manufacturing process.

We also can deliver end to end solutions in parallel with development work so if at the start of a project a particular process development requires a longer delivery time ex. a process revalidation. We can start that process early in parallel with the remainder of the main project delivery with the intent of inputting the revalidated solution at the end of the project. This reduces project delivery timelines.

Finally and this is key, IMSTec have since its inception have invested heavily in its own in-house research and development process capability in order to provide key technologies that currently do not exist in the marketplace and this process tool kit gives IMSTec the ability to provide already tested solutions that would not exist readily in the market place.

This and other specific patented technologies, unique to IMSTec, allow us to provide solutions where other suppliers cannot.